Thursday, 27 June 2013


 Benefits of blogging for Children:

Now that students have settled into their school routine and developed basic reading, writing and ICT skills, it’s time to utilise and build on these skills to:

·         develop reflective learners 

·         strengthen and share student voice

·         create literacy through different mediums

By blogging with our students we aim to help nurture and grow the 21st century global learner by instilling safe online practises and highlighting the importance of a positive digital footprint.    

See the links below to read more about the benefits of blogging from professionals in the field.


5 Reasons why your students should blog

The Benefits of Educational Blogging


Benefits to Parents:

Blogging with your child is one way you can gain insight about the world of the 21st century learner.

Understanding the online world will help you support your child as they navigate and interact as cyber citizens. Blogging together will allow you to guide and share in their learning.

Please Note:

We will adhere to the Blogging Guidelines setup by Essendon Primary School, which will ensure everything we produce is Cyber Safe and security is maintained.

Examples of other schools currently blogging:  - Edublog worldwide winner of best blog.


Happy Blogging!

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